The Tai Lue People

The Tai Lue, (often called Lue) originated in the KwangTung province of China. They have one of the oldest recorded histories of the tai tribes, they arrived in the Muang Sing area of Northern Laos around 701 a.d., Muang Sing is still considered to be the Tai Lue ethnic cultural center of Laos. They are one of the largest ethnic groups in Laos.

The Tai Lue differ from the other hill tribes in that they adopted Theravada Buddhism in the 14th century, but they also believe in spirits like the other hill tribes. They also worship 32 guardian spirits or souls, it takes them 96 days to worship these spirits, three days per spirit.

The Lue wear a variety of traditional clothing and designs, depending on the villages they come from. Their skirts are usually dark red, blue or black, with various designs wrapped around them. They wear long sleeved, tight fitting jackets and loose blouses, the designs on these also varying according to villages and groups. The Lue women also wear a white cloth around their head and have a traditional hair bun.

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