The Phou Noi People

“PhouNoi” is a term that means “little people”. The PhouNoi ( also spelled PhuNoi and Phu Noi) are originally from Tibet. In Laos they tend to live in forested mountain valleys and close to rivers. They farm both wet and dry rice and raise many different kinds of animals. As with the rest of the hill tribes, hunting and fishing is an important means of provision for the PhouNoi.

The PhouNoi practice monogamy, although it was common in the past for the wealthier men to have two wives. The groom to be and his family must pay a very high bride price, usually many old silver coins, cattle and other livestock and whiskey. The Phunoi do allow divorce upon agreement of all parties involved, but if the wife is determined to be at fault, she forfeits all property rights.

The PhouNoi practice a combination of spirit worship and ancestor worship, they also believe that all natural surroundings are controlled by supernatural beings.

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